First-Rate Lock & Key Shop Emergency Eviction Service Encino, CA


All landlords desire tenants who are disciplined and pay their rents on time. Unfortunately, renting out a property becomes a constant source of tension for some landlords who eventually wish for just one thing – eviction of the tenant. First-Rate Lock & Key Shop is one of the top professional locksmith firms in Encino, CA area and completely understands the sensitive and legal nature of an eviction process. Our professional team ensures that the eviction is carried out legally and in the smoothest and safest manner possible

Repossession of property

First-Rate Lock & Key Shop Encino, CA 818-737-2245Do you feel threatened by your tenant? Is the rent arrear mounting up month after month? Call us for an emergency eviction service. We assist in the repossession of property with rekey locks service. Our locksmiths also offer change lock service to replace all the locks in your property that the tenant might have access to. Once we help landlords regain access to the property, our team will suggest ways to fully secure the premise with services like reinstallation or rekeying file cabinet locks, garage door locks, mailbox locks, etc. Plus, we can also help you upgrade to advanced digital locks for greater security and peace of mind.

When do you need an emergency eviction service?

While landlords typically obtain orders to overthrow a tenant, an emergency eviction service is availed when things suddenly get out of hand. For instance, if the tenant threatens to inflict damage on the property or specific parts of the house or tries to illegally possess your property in their name, you are left with no option but to carry out an urgent eviction service.

We offer 24x7 eviction services

Our round-the-clock locksmiths are available all 365 days a year and can be approached easily through our helpline. If you are planning an unplanned or a sudden eviction and are unsure how to go about it, call us and our technicians will take it from there. We understand how harrowing an eviction process can get and ensure that everything is carried out without any loopholes.

Region-wide coverage

We offer emergency eviction services anywhere in Encino, CA area, whether you own a commercial property in the heart of the city or have lent an apartment on the outskirts. Our region-wide coverage makes us easily accessible at any hour of the day and enables us to offer timely service when needed.

Do you want to evict an unruly tenant without any hassles? Call the best commercial and residential emergency eviction service today! Reach out to us on 818-737-2245 !